The dynamics are my driving force

The major change, which was the catalyst in the development of who I am today, came when I eight years old moved from Iran to Sweden. It was a brand new start, something that required flexibility and openness.

My aesthetic sense came early with determined taste, wild imagination and strong interest in color and form. I always liked school, but not the studies. The layup never suited me, too static and unidirectional. That said, I never lacked the drive. Rather, it has always been a bit of my signature; my desire to constantly develop, test, and shift expression. To not be afraid to break habits and norms.

This includes my interest in traveling and human relations. To visit new places, meet people and discover new ways of life, that is very challenging and exciting for me. The variety of interests and destinies of the people i meet create a combined story so much more dynamic than just my own.

That ever evolving story is at the very core of what I do on a daily basis. Advertising and PR is something I have worked with my entire adult life, through various forums and in different ways, and what is advertising and PR but new stories waiting to be discovered.