Fresh Fish is an annual Swedish fashion show and competition for unestablished designers, which takes place in Gothenburg. The company Fresh Fish was founded in 2007 by Ali Davoodi with the idea of
creating platforms for unestablished designers in the fields of culture, fashion, and design. Today, as well as the Fresh Fish fashion show, the Fresh Fish Gallery is a platform for new artists. Fresh Fish is also planning to further extend its work to other creative and cultural forms.

The idea behind Fresh Fish arose in 2005 when founder Ali Davoodi wanted to create a concept that focused on unestablished artists and designers from different genres. The purpose was to provide a platform for interaction between the culture and business worlds, as well as the general public. Fresh Fish is the overarching name for a wide range of ideas and operations, some of which are yet to be fully developed. The central idea is about providing a platform for and supporting unestablished designers and artists by using a number of different approaches. The fashion aspect of Fresh Fish was the idea that first took shape. This resulted in Fresh Fish arranging its first fashion show and competition in Exercishuset in Gothenburg on the 5 and 6 May 2007. Since then, exhibitors from across Sweden have annually displayed their creations in the clothing, accessories, and jewellery categories. In 2009 the fashion show moved to Eriksbergshallen and added a third day. From the start, the show has appointed winners for best design. A jury comprising experienced designers from both fashion and design select a winner each year during the closing fashion show on the last day of the event

The first prize has included, among other things, some of the winner designer’s creations being produced by and sold at one of Sweden’s largest fashion stores. Among the companies that have participated with previous Fresh Fish winners are MQ and Nelly.

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ff_fashion_logo Fresh Fish Gallery is so far the only other aspect of Fresh Fish to have become operational. Fresh Fish Gallery had its first exhibition on 12 February 2009 at Stampgatan 9 in Gothenburg with the artist Oscar Gard Montàn. Since then, artists such as Fredrik Åkum, Johnny Roy and Malin Heikenberg has exhibited their work.

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