ShortShort – Long Live Short Film
ShortShort is Sweden’s new platform for the showing of short films. The idea is simple; to show short films of the highest possible quality in unexpected enviroments that attracts a broader audience. Initiators together with me are Sarah Schmidt (HDK), Niclas Gillberg (Uppsala International Short Film Festival) and Maria Domellöf-Wik (GP)

In 2013 we showed short films from directors; Anna Azcárate, Henrik Andersson and Fijona Jonuzi. The short films were showed in all the different O’Learys restaurants in Gothenburg. In 2014 we collaborated with coffe chain Da Matteo and showed films at all their locations in Gothenburg and Borås. The short films we showed was created by Eva Lindström, Gorki Glaser-Müller and Youlia Rainous.

My main work with ShortShort is to find venues to show the short films, to build a solid base of sponsors and partners and to create relationships with different creative platforms in Gothenburg.

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