The thought behind Waycup is to strive to serve the best possible ingredients in a nice and friendly environment and be pro-enviroment. Therefore, their ingredients and suppliers are carefully selected and interior reused and upcycled.

In my work with Waycup I had a broad role that included multiple responsibilities. One of them was the planning and execution of a inspiration journey for the Waycup leadership to London where I worked actively so everyone in the group would get the most of our trip and to not only be inspired but also get concrete ideas.
I also worked with Public Relations for the grand opening and my work rewarded Waycup with full coverage pages in GT, Metro and on TV4. Part of the PR work was based on the fact Waycup’s first local was an old ‘Expert’-local and to illuminate Waycup’s focus on recycling and active environmental work I sourced Expert’s old work clothes and printed Waycup’s logo on the reused clothes.

Other parts of the work consisted of:

  • Recruitment of everything from managers to regular staff
  • Interior Design Consultant
  • Overall brand strategy

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